Collection: Straw Hat

Step into the laid-back vibe of our Straw Hat collection at The Beanie and Hat Company, where sun protection gets a stylish twist. Designed for those sunny days, beach outings, or casual strolls through the city, our straw hats are all about keeping you cool in every sense of the word. Each piece in our collection is thoughtfully crafted to offer both a breezy feel and a sharp look, making it the go-to accessory for beating the heat with a touch of style.

What is the straw hat called?

A straw hat, often recognized for its lightweight and breathable design, is commonly referred to as a Panama hat when it features a brim and a fedora-like appearance, though its variations such as the boater or skimmer hat are also popular among both men and women. Originating from Ecuador, these straw hats are crafted from plaited leaves of the toquilla straw plant, showcasing their versatility and elegance in sun protection and fashion statements.

What is a Japanese straw hat called?

A Japanese straw hat is traditionally known as a "kasa," specifically the "amigasa" for the wide-brimmed style or the "sugegasa" for the conical shape, renowned for their craftsmanship and functionality. These straw hats, made from finely woven bamboo or reed, offer not only protection from the sun and rain but also play a significant role in Japanese culture and fashion.

What is a strawhat?

A straw hat is a timeless and versatile accessory, crafted from woven straw or straw-like materials, designed to provide shade and protection from the sun. Renowned for its durability and breathability, a straw hat is a go-to summer essential, offering styles ranging from the elegant Panama to the casual sun hat and the traditional boater.

What hat is traditionally made from straw?

Traditionally, the Panama hat is the quintessential straw hat, meticulously handwoven from the plaited leaves of the toquilla palm found in Ecuador. This straw hat is celebrated for its lightweight, breathable qualities, offering elegance and sun protection simultaneously. Beyond the Panama, other hats like the boater and the fedora also feature straw constructions, adapting the material for various designs and purposes.

What is a Zorro hat?

A Zorro hat, often associated with the iconic character from early 20th-century literature and film, is a type of wide-brimmed straw hat known for its distinctive, dramatic flair. This straw hat, typically crafted with a high crown and a wide, flat brim, is not only a symbol of mystery and heroism but also serves practical purposes of sun protection and style. While Zorro's hat in popular culture is more commonly depicted in black felt, straw versions offer a lighter, breathable alternative for warmer climates, maintaining the adventurous spirit and elegance of the legendary vigilante. T