Collection: Flat Cap

Check out our great flat cap collection. You'll love the range of designs and colours!

A flat cap is a versatile accessory, perfect for any season. In the colder months, wearing a classic, timeless style such as a traditional, brimmed cap will keep your head warm without compromising your look.

Not only is a flat cap practical in terms of temperature regulation - it also has the power to elevate any ensemble with minimal effort. Whether you are having drinks out with friends or attending business meetings - a flat cap accessory won't let you down!

Flat Cap for Men?

No matter the season, a classic, sharp-fitting and stylishly designed flat cap for men can take your look to new heights. A timeless icon of menswear, the traditional style of a fashionable flat cap for men will keep your head warm in colder months and cool when temperatures rise.

Flat Cap Golf Hat?

A good-quality flat cap golf hat is a perfect accessory to wear that protects your face from the sun or rain. A flat cap golf hat  is particularly popular among professionals and can be found in an array of sizes and styles. 

Flat Cap Hat?

When it comes to your flat cap hat, you'll want it to fit just right. A flat cap hat come in many sizes and can be identified by their characteristic triangular shape. 

Flat Cap and Beret?

Flat cap and beret are an iconic accessory. To determine the right flat cap and beret, you should look for something that is snug against the sweatband but still allows enough room in the crown so that it doesn't feel too tight on your head. 

Flat Cap Ear Flaps

Both sexes are now sporting the trendy accessory that is the flat cap ear flaps. Ears may be shielded from the cold with the help of the flat cap ear flaps detachable ear flaps.