Collection: Bucket Hat

More than just a beach essential, bucket hats are now everywhere. Whether you're seeking sun protection on your next adventure, adding a touch of edge to your outfit, or simply embracing the carefree vibes, our diverse selection of bucket hats has something for everyone. From classic cotton styles in timeless colors to statement-making patterns and luxurious textures, you'll find the perfect bucket hat to match your mood and personality.

What are bucket hats actually called?

Bucket hats are indeed called "bucket hats" due to their distinctive shape, resembling an inverted bucket. Known for their wide, downward-sloping brim, these hats offer practical sun protection while serving as a stylish accessory. Originating as a functional piece for fishermen and farmers, bucket hats have transitioned into the fashion world, becoming a beloved choice among various demographics.

What is the bucket hat style called?

The humble bucket hat goes by many names, like a chameleon adapting to its environment. The most straightforward, of course, is the bucket hat itself, perfectly descriptive and universally understood.

Military history whispers the name boonie hat, a remnant of Vietnam War camouflage and sun protection. And for fans of the Stone Roses, it might even be a Reni hat, a tribute to the iconic drummer and his bucket hat devotion. Regional variations and slang add even more spice to the mix. In France, it's a bob, while Germany calls it an Anglerhut. Who knows, you might even hear it called a rain bonnet or a shrug cap!

Why are bucket hats so popular now?

The floppy-brimmed bucket hat isn't just a fleeting fad – it's a fashion force to be reckoned with in 2024. Why the hype?  They add a touch of cool without stealing the show, making them perfect for everyone from minimalists to maximalists. Nostalgia plays a part too, with Gen Z embracing the 90s vibes and effortless cool bucket hats embody. It's like channeling Aaliyah's laid-back confidence or Tupac's streetwise swagger in a modern way. And when celebs like Pharrell Williams and Zendaya rock them with serious flair, the trend becomes even more irresistible. 

Who is famous for bucket hat?

The bucket hat's iconic status extends far beyond a single name! From music legends like Michael Jackson and LL Cool J who rocked them with swagger, to fashion icons like Rihanna and Pharrell who reinvented them with bold styles, the list goes on. Even Hollywood royalty like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt have sported bucket hats, proving their versatility transcends genre and age.

What is a boonie hat vs bucket hat?

While both bucket hats and boonie hats share a similar silhouette with downward-sloping brims and rounded crowns, key differences set them apart. Bucket hats prioritize fashion, offering wider variety in materials, colors, and styles. Their brims are typically softer and more flexible. Boonie hats, often rooted in military functionality, feature stiffer, wider brims for maximum sun protection and might have additional features like mesh panels or chin straps.

Why are bucket hats better than caps?

Bucket hats and caps both have their strengths, but for ultimate sun protection and versatile style, bucket hats take the crown! Their wide, downward-sloping brims offer superior shielding for your face, neck, and ears, unlike caps that leave these areas exposed. This makes them ideal for outdoor adventures, beach days, or simply adding a touch of shade to your everyday routine. Plus, bucket hats come in a wider variety of materials, colors, and patterns, allowing you to express your personality and complement any outfit, from casual streetwear to beachy vibes. While caps excel in specific situations like sports or athleisure, bucket hats offer broader functionality and undeniable fashion potential.