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How to Travel with Your Straw Hat Without Damaging It

Straw hats are the perfect blend of style and sun protection, making them ideal travel companions. But when it comes to packing them, their floppy brims and delicate materials can actually create a quite a challenge. Fear not! With a few smart strategies, you can ensure your straw hat arrives at your destination looking as good as when you left home.

Packing Strategies

Option 1: Wear It!

This is the simplest solution for hats that hold their shape easily. Enjoy all the benefits of straw hats on your travels and a hands-free way to transport your hat.

Option 2: Inside Your Suitcase

This method is suitable for most straw hats:

  • Stuff the Crown: Gently fill the crown with soft items like socks, underwear, or a rolled-up scarf. This provides internal support, preventing the hat from crushing.
  • Pack it Flat: Place the stuffed hat, crown-down, onto a flat surface in your suitcase. Surround it with clothing for added cushioning.

Option 3: Dedicated Hat Box

A hat box offers maximum protection for particularly delicate or structured hats. However, remember it will take up additional luggage space.

Option 4: In the Overhead Bin

Flying? One other easy solution is to put your hat on top of your bag in the overhead compartment. Pro Tip: Do this after boarding. This will ensure nobody crushes the hat with a bad at the last minute.

Additional Considerations

  • Checking a Hat: Checked luggage offers more room, but comes with the potential for crushing. This can work but consider using the packing tip above to help.
  • Travel Hat Clips: These handy accessories can attach your hat to the outside of your luggage if wearing it isn't convenient. Remember, hats exposed in this way are more vulnerable to damage.
  • Reshaping on Arrival: A little gentle steaming or light manipulation can address any minor creases your hat acquires during travel. Learn more here.


In the end, there are many to transport your Straw Hat safely and effectively. Are you looking for a new Straw Hat? Check out our amazing selection here at the Beanie and Hat Company. With hats for all types of occasions and budgets, we've got you covered.


Can I pack any type of straw hat in my suitcase? Most straw hats can be packed inside luggage, though more delicate styles might benefit from a hat box. Raffia hats tend to be the most forgiving due to their flexibility.

Is it better to pack my straw hat in a carry-on or checked bag? It depends on space availability and your comfort level. Carry-ons offer more control, but overhead bins can be a risk. Checked luggage has more room but carries the potential for getting crushed.

My straw hat got a little bent during travel, how do I fix it? Often, a light steaming or gentle reshaping by hand can restore your hat. For more stubborn creases, consult a professional hat cleaner.

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