How to Wear a French Barrette Hat

How to Wear a French Barrette Hat

The French barrette hat exudes an effortless elegance that has stood the test of time. While it might seem like the simplest of accessories, there's an art to wearing this chic hat with confidence.

Let's explore how to master the French barrette hat and add a touch of Parisian flair to your style.

What is a French Barrette Hat?

  • Basics: The French barrette hat is typically made of felt or wool and features a distinct rectangular or slightly rounded shape. Its key identifier is the single barrette closure at the back for securing it to your hair. Sometimes they can also be made of leather.
  • Variations: You might find variations inspired by the classic beret shape or versions with subtle embellishments like a small bow or brooch. Brims are also becoming quite popular with this type of hat.
  • Why It's Chic: The French barrette hat is synonymous with Parisian style, embodying a timeless sophistication with a touch of nonchalant charm.

How to Wear a French Barrette Hat

  • Placement & Angle: Position the hat slightly forward on the top of your head, angling it to one side for a classic, jaunty look. Experiment with different angles to find what flatters your features best.
  • Hair Up vs. Down: French barrette hats work beautifully with various hairstyles. Try a sleek chignon, a loose braid, or let your hair flow in natural waves.
  • Face Shapes: Play with the hat's angle to complement your face shape. For example, tilting it more dramatically can elongate a round face, while a softer angle suits heart-shaped faces.


The French barrette hat is a wonderfully versatile accessory. It has the power to instantly elevate your look with a touch of French flair. Embrace your inner fashionista and experiment to find styling combinations that express your unique style.

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Can I wear a French barrette hat with short hair? Absolutely! Pixie cuts and short bobs look incredibly chic with French barrette hats.

Does the color of the hat matter? Both neutral tones (black, navy, beige) and bolder statement colors can work, depending on your personal style and outfit pairings.

Are French barrette hats suitable for all seasons? While most common in felt or wool for fall/winter, you can find lighter-weight versions in linen or straw for warmer weather.

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