Collection: Ball Cap

Calling all cap connoisseurs! Elevate your everyday look with the perfect ball cap from The Beanie and Hat Company. We've curated a collection as diverse as your style, featuring ball caps in every color, fabric, and design imaginable. Whether you're seeking classic cotton for casual cool, a trendy mesh ball cap for sporty vibes, or a statement-making lid to rep your favorite team, we have the perfect match.

What is a ball cap called?

While commonly called a "ball cap," this headwear has several other names depending on style and origin. The term "baseball cap" nods to its roots in the sport, while "fitted cap" refers to its snug, adjustable fit. "Snapback" and "strapback" highlight the closure type, and "trucker hat" identifies the mesh panels often used for breathability. Ultimately, no matter what you call it, this iconic headwear – the ball cap – offers endless styles and a timeless appeal.

Is ball cap one word or two?

Both "ball cap" and "baseball cap" are correct! While "ball cap" is more concise and commonly used, "baseball cap" explicitly references its sporty origins. Ultimately, the choice depends on context and personal preference. No matter what you call it, our extensive collection of ball caps has the perfect style to top off your look!

Why wear a ball cap?

Ball caps aren't just for the ballpark! They're the ultimate versatile headwear, offering practicality, style, and endless reasons to wear them. Need sun protection? A ball cap shades your face. Hair not cooperating? A quick ball cap fixes a bad hair day. Feeling sporty? Ball caps are a staple for athletes and fans alike. But beyond function, they make a fashion statement! So, whether you're seeking practicality, style, or both, there's a perfect ball cap waiting to top off your look.

Is 7 5 8 a big head?

Sizing can vary between brands, so a 7 5/8 hat in one brand might fit differently in another. However, a 7 5/8 generally falls within the "large" or "XL" range for ball caps. If you're unsure, measure your head circumference for the most accurate fit. Many reputable hat retailers also offer sizing charts or guides to help you find the perfect ball cap, no matter your head size. Remember, we offer a wide variety of sizes and styles, so you're sure to find the perfect-fitting ball cap to top off your look!

What type of cap is most popular?

Picking a single "most popular" ball cap is tough! Classics with team logos or simple designs stay relevant, while snapback and trucker hat trends remain strong. But the truly "popular" one? The one that matches your unique style! Explore our collection - from timeless picks to trendy styles - and find your perfect ball cap match!